The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo
For Three Men The Civil War Wasn't Hell. It Was Practice!
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Stars: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef, Aldo Giuffre, Luigi Pistilli
Director: Sergio Leone
Writer: Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone, Agenore Incrocci, Furio Scarpelli, Mickey Knox
Language: English
Studio: Fox
Duration: 2
Rated: R
DVD Release: October 2006

By far the most ambitious, unflinchingly graphic and stylistically influential western ever mounted. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly is an engrossing actioner shot through with a volatile mix of myth and realism. Clint Eastwood returns as the "Man With No Name," this time teaming with two gunslingers (Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef) to pursue a cache of $200,000 - and letting no one, not even warring factions in a civil war, stand in their way. From sun-drenched panoramas to bold hard closeups, exceptional camera work captures the beauty and cruelty of the barren landscape and the hardened characters who stride unwaveringly through it. Forging a vibrant and yet detached style of action that had not been seen before, and has never been matched since, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly shatters the western mould in true Clint Eastwood style. Special Features: 14 Minutes Of Footage Never-Before-Seen In The U.S.
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Trivia and Production Notes

Eli WallachTuco
Clint EastwoodBlondie
Lee Van CleefSentenza
Aldo GiuffrèAlcoholic Union Captain
Luigi PistilliFather Pablo Ramirez
Rada RassimovMaria
Enzo PetitoStorekeeper
Claudio ScarchilliMexican Peon
John BarthaSheriff
Livio LorenzonBaker
Antonio CasaleJackson
Sandro ScarchilliMexican Peon
Benito StefanelliMember of Angel Eyes' Gang
Angelo NoviMonk
Antonio CasasStevens
Ennio MorriconeComposer
Tonino Delli ColliCinematographer
Eugenio AlabisoEditor
Nino BaragliEditor
Mario BregaCpl. Wallace
Aldo Giuffrè
John Bartho
Aldo SambrellMember of Angel Eyes' Gang
Al MulockOne-armed bounty hunter (as Al Mulloch)
Sergio MendizábalBlonde Bounty Hunter (as Sergio Mendizabal)
Antonio Molino RojoCapt. Harper (as Molino Rocho)
Lorenzo RobledoClem
Richard AlagichSoldato Unione all'Arresto
Chelo AlonsoStevens' wife
Fortunato Arena1st Sombrero Onlooker at Tuco's 1st Hanging
Román AriznavarretaBounty Hunter
Silvana BacciMessicana con Biondo
Joseph BradleyOld Soldier
Frank BrañaBounty Hunter #2
Amerigo Castrighella2nd Sombrero Onlooker at Tuco's 1st Hanging
Saturno CerraBounty Hunter
Luigi CiavarroMember of Angel Eyes' Gang
William ConroyConfederate Soldier
Antonio ContrerasViolinista al Campo
Domingo ContrerasExtra
Axel DarnaSoldato Confederato Morente
Tony Di MitriDeputy
Alberigo DonadeoSpettatore Prima Impiccagione
Attilio Dottesio3rd Sombrero Onlooker at Tuco's 1st Hanging
Luis Fernández de EribeSoldier Coat
Veriano GinesiBald Onlooker at Tuco's 1st Hanging
Jesús GuzmánPardue the Hotel Owner
Víctor IsraelSergeant at Confederate fort
Nazzareno NataleMexican Bounty Hunter
Ricardo PalaciosBarista a Socorro
Antonio PalombiVecchio Sergente
Julio Martínez PiernaviejaCorista al Campo
Jesús PorrasSuonatore Armonica al Campo
Romano PuppoMember of Angel Eyes' Gang
Antoñito RuizStevens' youngest son
Aysanoa RunachaguaPistolero Recruited by Tuco in the Cave
Enrique SantiagoMexican Bounty Hunter
José TerrónThomas 'Shorty' Larson
Franco TocciSoldato Unione con Sigaro
Alfonso VeadyHalf-soldier
Genre: Western
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono
IMDb: 0060196