Murphy's War
World War Two was just ending. World War Murphy is about to begin.

Stars: Peter O'Toole, Siân Phillips, Philippe Noiret, Horst Janson, John Hallam
Director: Peter Yates
Writer: Stirling Silliphant, Max Catto
Language: English
Studio: Hemdale
Duration: 105
Rated: PG-13
DVD Release: June 2003

Murphy is the sole survivor of his crew, that has been massacred by a German U-Boat in the closing days of World War II. He lands on the shore somewhere on the river Orinoco delta and begins to plot his vengeance. He wishes to sink the U-Boat that has floated up by means of any method imaginable to him, and sets about to make the courageous attempt, assisted by Louie, the islands Government Administrator.

Peter O'TooleMurphy
Siân PhillipsDr. Hayden
Philippe NoiretLouis Brezon
Horst JansonCmdr. Lauchs, German Submarine Captain
John HallamLt. Ellis, Seaplane Pilot from RNMS Mount Kyle
Ingo MogendorfLt. Voght, Submarine Executive Officer
John CliffordSubmarine crewman
George RoubicekU-Boat Crewman
Douglas SlocombeCinematographer
Frank P. KellerEditor
Harry FielderGerman Sub Crewman
John GlenEditor
Bob Simmonsmember of German sub crew
Genre: Drama
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
IMDb: 0067458