Scrubs: Season 2
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Stars: Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Ken Jenkins
Director: Chris Koch, Craig Zisk, Adam Bernstein, Bill Lawrence, Gail Mancuso
Language: English
Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Duration: 479
Rated: NR
DVD Release: November 2005

The interns of Sacred Heart hospital move up to residents in the second season of "Scrubs", the dorky little brother to "ER" with more than a passing resemblance to "Ally McBeal". But in this season the sitcom actually matures-- in a good way--in its ability to balance just the right amount of heart and humor. While JD (Zach Braff) wrestles with his feelings for Elliot (Sarah Chalke), Elliot bends over backwards to be included with her colleagues and friends alike (after a character rags on JD and Turk, she squeals, "Do me!"), Turk (Donald Faison) proposes to Carla (Judy Reyes), and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) reunites with his ex-wife Jordan (Christa Miller), who's carrying his child. The cast melds together nicely, but it's Braff, executing most of the fantasy sequences, who's the real comic find, although he's nearly upstaged (in a welcome bit of stunt casting) by Tom Cavanaugh as JD's irresponsible older brother, a complete departure from his role on "Ed".
Season Two's bonus features include some very revealing episode commentary by creator Bill Lawrence and various cast members, who all describe guest star Rick Schroder as "an odd dude" and make fun of his imploring the cast not to call him Ricky. They also spend a curious part of time studying the female anatomy, from Chalke's bra colors to guest star Heather Locklear's derriere to Miller's bust (this observation comes from Lawrence, who is Miller's husband). Braff's fame after "Garden State" also comes as an easy target in the commentaries, as well as the network's inability to understand the show, such as asking to remove an episode's reference to the Wonder Twins because they didn't know who they were. Thank goodness the producers didn't listen. -- "Ellen A. Kim"

Zach Braff
Donald Faison
Sarah Chalke
John C. McGinley
Ken Jenkins
Genre: Television
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1