Whip It

Stars: Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wiig, Marcia Gay Harden, Juliette Lewis
Director: Drew Barrymore
Writer: Shauna Cross
Language: English
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Duration: 111
Rated: PG-13
DVD Release: January 2010

Drew Barrymore makes her bow as a director with this Roller Derby coming-of-age number, which shares the spirit of so many of Barrymore's movies: it's loosey-goosey, cheerful, and buoyant in waving its "Girls Rule!" flag. On screen, Barrymore relegates herself to a slapstick supporting role, handing the lead to Juno gal Ellen Page. Page plays a Texas teen with a yen to join Austin's Roller Derby squad, complete with new professional moniker Babe Ruthless, but she'll have to keep the side career secret from her beauty-pageant-obsessed Mom (Marcia Gay Harden) and football-watchin' Dad (Daniel Stern). A coming-of-age tale emerges between bouts of skating on the RD track (Jimmy Fallon plays the goofy Derby announcer), with a dash of romance added in the form of a generic Dude in a Band. Kristen Wiig does surrogate-mom duty as a teammate, Juliette Lewis is appropriately out-there as a track rival, and Andrew Wilson (bro of Owen and Luke) gets some hilariously poker-faced lines in as the team's coach. All the pleasant stuff makes you almost overlook how ramshackle the movie is, and how standard-issue the parental tensions (even if Harden is a total pro, as always). Ellen Page doesn't offer the innate audience-friendly cuddliness of Barrymore herself--thus her apt casting as Juno's brittle heroine--but her rapt focus is something to behold. "Babe Ruthless" indeed. --Robert Horton
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Ellen PageBliss Cavendar
Drew BarrymoreSmashley Simpson
Kristen WiigMaggie Mayhem
Marcia Gay HardenBrooke Cavendar
Juliette LewisIron Maven
Jimmy Fallon'Hot Tub' Johnny Rocket
Alia ShawkatPash
EveRosa Sparks
Zoe BellBloody Holly
Ari GraynorEva Destruction
Eulala ScheelShania Cavendar
Andrew WilsonRazor
Carlo AlbanBirdman
Landon PiggOliver
Kristen AdolfiManson Sister #1
Rachel PiplicaManson Sister #2
Daniel SternEarl Cavendar
Sam ZikakisColby's Friend #3
Sarah HabelCorbi
Shannon EagenAmber
Edward Austin AustinPageant Coordinator
Mary Callaghan LynchVal
Barbara CovenPagent Mother
Nina KircherTrudy
Mark BoydRonny
Doug MinckiewiczColby
Michael PetrilloPoindexter
Sean O'ReillyColby's Friend #2
Kent CumminsAtomic City Clerk #1
Sarah YaegerAtomic City Clerk #2
Chloe TrueheartAtomic City Girl #1
Kyle KentalaAtomic City Girl #2
Genevieve HarrisonAtomic City Girl #3
John EatherlyOliver's Bandmate - 'Turbo Fruits'
Jonas SteinOliver's Bandmate - 'Turbo Fruits'
Max Van PeeblesOliver's Bandmate - 'Turbo Fruits'
Rusty MewhaHoly Rollers Coach
Will BrickReferee
Madge LevinsonHelen
Alexis O'NeillPocket Rocket
Eli BleilerJaba the Slut
LaTasha PippenJuana Beat'n
Sydney BennettKami Kaze
Danny MooneySmashley's Fiancé
Brent KyleSavage
Har Mar SuperstarFight Attendants Coach
Claudia RodgersMrs. Weaver
Wallace BridgesCop Number 1
Patrick MougTerrifying Cop
John LepardCop Number 2
Austin BickelRiley
Joshua AmirPartygoer
Mike AncrileRockabilly Roller Derby Fan
Max BassettTexas Bar Cowboy
Cindy ChuDerby Hopeful
Shawntay DalonDerby fan
Julie DiJohnDerby fan
William C. FoxDerby fan
Julia GarlottePageant Girl
David GibsonCheering Fan
Kimberly HarschDerby fan
Doug KolbiczDerby fan
Brent MataGuy Giving Keg Stands
Adam McNinchRoller Derby Fan
Kyle RichPartygoer
Lauren Mae ShaferRollers Fan
Jeff SolanoDerby fan
Eric TuchelskeDerby fan
Erik A. WilliamsHurl Scouts Fan
Media: Blu-ray
Sound: AC-3
IMDb: 1172233