A Warning To The Curious
A Warning to the Curious
The tale tells the story of Paxton, an amateur archeologist who travels to "Seaburgh" (a disguised version of Aldeburgh, Suffolk) and inadvertently stumbles across one of the lost crowns of Anglia, which legendarily protect the county from invasion. On d

Stars: Peter Vaughan, Clive Swift, Julian Herrington, John Kearney (IV), David Cargill
Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Writer: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Language: English
Studio: BFI Video
Duration: 50
DVD Release: December 1972

I remember catching this on BBC-2 many years ago, it was one of my first horror film experiences, it scared me witless!! Finally plucked up the courage to pick up the dvd, and it is still fine viewing, the performances are subtle, the photography wonderful, you can almost feel the cold winds rushing in off the sea as Peter Vaughan searches for the lost crown. The picture quality is no great shakes( it's a thirty plus year old tv film!) and the extras are limited to a brief biog and a audio reading of M R James's classic story, but i urge you to check this out now, it's how ghost stories should be told!

Peter VaughanMr Paxton
Clive SwiftDr. Black
Julian Herrington
John Kearney (IV)
John Kearneyager
David CargillBoots
George BensonVicar
Roger MilnerAntique shop owner
Gilly FraserGirl
David PughPorter
Cyril Appletonlabourer
Julian HeringtonArchaeologist
Genre: Drama
Media: DVD
Sound: Unknown
IMDb: 0217142