Developer: Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Kids & Family
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Rated: Everyone

Noby Noby Boy is a...unique game.

You play as BOY, a worm like creature who eats and stretches for GIRL, a larger female world creature who stretches around the galaxy. The more BOY stretches, the more GIRL can and wrap herself around other planets. This process in whole is a community metagame where every single BOY's (Players) stretch count is added to GIRL. The more people play, the more planets GIRL can get to, and the more places GIRL can get to, the more weird levels BOY can play around in.

The controls are very easy, mainly using the dual analog sticks to control each end of BOY and the shoulder buttons to hop and eat almost anything in the crazy levels, which are filled with insane things. If you played any of the Katamari Damacy games, you might be used to this sort of thing! The game also includes an offline multiplayer mode where up to 4 BOYS can stretch around to their heart's content on one screen. (Player 1 controls the incredible but hard to master camera.)

Overall, NOBY NOBY BOY is a very weird, but oddly charming game, and worth the 5 just experience the weirdness yourself. The game includes leaderboards as well as a screenshot taking tool and a direct Youtube upload feature where you can share your stretching techniques or something incredibly odd with others on Youtube easily.

+ Odd & charming
+ Awesome community features (Youtube & Leaderboard support, screenshot tool)
= Getting more levels to play around in is a community process, and may take a while
- The charm may not be for everyone.
- Camera may take some getting used to.

Features: Full Game