Tekken 5
Developer: Namco
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Namco
Series: Tekken
Rated: Teen

Tekken 5 is a sight to behold for fans of realistic, exciting fighting action. After the events of Tekken 4, Heihachi Mishima is dead. It was thought that the crime syndicate that ran the Iron Fist Tournament("Tekken") would cease to exist with its leader gone, but a mysterious new figure has stepped in to take command. Now the Mishima Zaibatsu has announced the fifth Iron Fist Tournament, and old warriors will meet new challengers as they try to claim victory one more time.

Features: Three new characters join the fray with unique moves and their own personal motivations for entering the Iron Fist Tournament The classic Tekken control is simplified without losing the tightness & flexibility that made it great - sure to please beginners & old-school fans Variety of complex new arenas that add to the challenge - Some will box you in and put you toe-to-toe with opponents, others will give you huge space for the big moves Watch as the environemnt reacts to your combat - from the grass under your feet to the objects on the walls