Developer: Platinum Games Inc.
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Games
Publisher: SEGA Corporation
Series: Bayonetta
Rated: Mature

Bayonetta is an action game created by Hideki Kamiya. After 500 years of sleep, a witch named Bayonetta awakes and finds her-self confronted by enemies. With no recollection of who she is or the reason she is being attacked, Bayonetta must battle her way through the city of Vigrid while her memory returns.

Bayonetta can magically shape her hair into anything and uses it as a weapon to eliminate her enemies. She also has 4 guns at her disposal, two handguns and two attacked to her heels. Bayonetta's gun are interchangeable with other weapons that are accessible throughout the game. Weapons can be bought or dropped by enemies when defeated in battle, weapons bought can be upgraded but weapons dropped by enemies are only temporary.

The game features slow-motion in the form of Witch Time, which is activated with a well-timed dodge during battle. In this mode Bayonetta can counter attack enemies before they have the chance to react.

Features: String together deadly combos and special attacks to bring down angelic enemies, including small minions and gigantic behemoths Rely on Scarborough Fair, a collection of four enchanted guns, plus shotguns, bazookas and fiery claws Retrieve a variety of other weapons from fallen enemies Fill up the Magic gauge and unleash your powers to banish enemies to hell Use linked combo attacks and Bayonetta's hair to call demonic forces to your aid in battle