Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
Developer: Nintendo R&D2
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action
Publisher: Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Series: Super Mario Bros.
Rated: Everyone

Bowser is back, and along with the Bowser kids, he's out to spoil Mario's day once again.

This time, along with nabbing the Princess, the Bowser crew have also taken the magic wands from the Kings of each land and turned them into creatures.
It's up to Mario and Luigi to get back the magic wands, defeat Bowser, and save the Princess all before the day is done.

Old and new power-ups abound in each level for the Mario Brothers, including the return of the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower, plus the new power-ups including the frog suit, the warp flute, and the most important of all, the leaf, which allows the player to fly and attack enemies with your tail.

Features: Bowser and his troublemaking kids have brought trouble to the land, and turned the local kings into animals. Only Mario & Luigi can stop them! Jump over bottomless pits, stomp your foes and collect awesome new power-ups like the Warp Whistle and the Tanooki Suit Open up new levels by scanning special cards through your e-Reader Dash, swim, and take to the air -- complete difficult platform levels while you fight your way to Bowser Multiplayer Mario madness with 4-person link-ups (Separate games required)