Ella and the Beast: Paranormal Romance (More Than Human Book 1)

Author: Smith S.E.
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Language: English
Pages: 254
Series: More Than Human(#1/1)
Genre: Paranormal fiction
Format: Audible Audiobook

To survive another generation, they'll need to live among the shifters.
Long ago, a world war waged between shapeshifters and humans. Humans lost, and the consequences were dire….
Ella is part of a clan hidden deep in the forests of Washington State. She doesn't know if there are other human clans out there or if hers in the last one, but she knows there isn't a future for her people if they don't do something drastic. All of her life, she has heard horror stories about the Others, the beasts that surround them in high-tech dwellings beyond the mountains, but the Others may be their only hope.
Ty Bearclaw, a grizzly shifter, is the curator at the Washington State Animal Sanctuary, Research, and Observation Center (WSASROC). A call from a rancher about something causing an unusual kind of havoc along the borders of the National Forest brings him to the Olympic Mountain National Park, where Ty is furious to discover that the rancher placed a trap to capture the creature on government-protected property. It isn't an animal caught in the trap, though—it's a human woman! Her entire species was believed to be extinct! What is even more confounding is his bear's reaction to the female. All his life he wondered who his mate would be, what she'd be like, what kind of shifter she would be. He never once considered that his mate might not be a shifter at all, and her very presence would change their understanding of the past and the future.