Spell Over Troubled Water (Grimoires of a Middle-aged Witch Book 4)

Author: George Renee
Publisher: Barkside of the Moon Press
Language: English
Pages: 262
Series: Grimoires of a Middle-aged Witch(#4/5)
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: Audible Audiobook

Now that my nero-craft has been triggered, I’m off to the Iron Grove compound, along with my hot druid boyfriend and his violently awesome sister, to learn magic from the best of the best. Of course, not every druid or tru-craft witch is happy about me adding water magic to the earth, fire, and air magic I already wield. There is even talk of a test they want me to take that sounds about as much fun as an alien probing. No, thank you.
I’ll have to rely on allies, old and new if I want to survive the incoming tide of enemies who want me to drown in my own magic.