Tapped (The Agents)

Author: Asher Brynne
Publisher: Brynne Asher
Language: English
Pages: 384
Series: The Agents(#2/4)
Genre: Romance Suspense
Format: Audible Audiobook

My son and I are in danger. The life and death kind. The kind that forces me to make choices no mother should have to.
I’ll do anything to keep my son safe and not sacrifice my responsibility to my patients.
I’m desperate.
Desperate enough to beg broody Special Agent Micah Emmett for help. But he has a job, and it doesn’t include protecting me. Why should he? He doesn’t know me.
Or so I thought.
Because you can learn a lot about another person when they’re being tapped. And Micah has been watching me for a long time.
Now the special agent is glued to my side.
And I've been tapped in more ways than one.