Cadaver Lab: A Romantic Comedy... with Corpses

Author: Johnson Cat
Publisher: Cat Johnson
Pages: 214
Series: No series
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Format: Ebook Amazon

He's a former Army medic. She owns a book and wine shop. It's all the makings of one steamy small-town romance… except he runs a cadaver lab and she sees dead people. 
Strange things are happening at the Once Upon a Vine Book & Wine Shop in Mudville, New York.
Is it the sky clad Wiccans meeting on the roof? The book club drinking "magic mushroom" tea in the meeting room? The black cat who moved uninvited into the shop? The sudden run on Tarot card sales?
Maybe it can be traced to the downed power line that rendered the bookshop owner technically dead making her the new conduit to the local ghost community. Or to the cadaver lab next door and the hot but mysteriously secretive doctor who runs it.
All Natalie knows is she can’t ignore him or them anymore now that one of the hot doctor’s cadavers insists his death was the result of foul play and she's the only one who can bring him justice.
Cadaver Lab features a grumpy hero, amateur sleuth heroine, small town shenanigans, mystery, murder & mayhem.