Demon Night: 6 (The Resurrection Chronicles)

Author: Haag M J
Publisher: Shattered Glass Publishing
Pages: 294
Series: Resurrection Chronicles(#6/8)
ISBN: 9781943051687
Genre: Paranormal fiction
Format: Ebook Amazon

Every secret has a price.
It’s a truth that Angel knows too well. Since the hellhounds and infected started to roam, Angel has guarded her secret carefully. But, she’s growing weaker by the day and needs help. In this new plague-ravaged world, the weak don’t survive long, and the useless are quickly abandoned. That’s why Angel’s secret needs to stay secret. If anyone found out about the baby she carried, they’d ditch her in a heartbeat to save themselves.
To make herself an asset, she offers her services as a relationship expert to one of the dark fey, who rose with the hellhounds, in exchange for food. Shax is eager to win over Hannah, and if Angel can help make that happen, just maybe she won’t be kicked out when she has the baby.
Falling for her "client" was never in her plans.