Draekon Guardian: A SciFi Dragon Shifter Romance (Rebel Force Book 5)

Author: Savino Lee & Zander Lili
Language: English
Pages: 280
Series: Rebel Force(#5/5)
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: Kindle Ebook

The big, bad, alien hero rescued me from the evil Zorahn.
He sees to my every need.
He sends me thoughtful presents.
If someone threatens me, Yafet destroys them. He’s ruthless in his desire to keep me safe.
And despite all of that, I can’t get him to take the next step.
Kisses? Yes.
Heavy petting? Again, yes.
Anything more? Nope. He won’t go further even though he obviously wants to.
I'm not the type to sneak into his quarters and drape myself over his bed like a picnic to be devoured… but maybe I should?
I had spent an eternity alone. I was a Draekon, a creature to be feared, but never to be loved. I was used to it.
Then I met Liz, and my world rearranged with her in the center.
The universe is a dark place, and Liz is my light. My anchor to hope. My one chance at happiness.
But my psychopath brother is trying to wipe out the Draekon race. He has a master plan...and it involves Liz. To stop him, I must stay away from her.
I’m the Draekon Guardian.
To protect the galaxy, I cannot claim my mate.