Little Deuce Coupe & All Summer Long
The Beach Boys

Label: Capitol
Duration: 55:17
Genre: Rock

Released just one month after the "Surfer Girl" album, "Little Deuce Coupe" was, incredibly, the band's fourth album in less than a year. Brian Wilson and the band responded by turning in arguably their most consistent effort to date--and a concept album, to boot. "Deuce Coupe" expanded the band's subject matter to encompass 1963 America's burgeoning love affair with hot rods, surrounding previously released cuts such as the title track, "409," and others with strong new material (much of it cowritten by Wilson and a DJ, Roger Christian). A highpoint: the "a cappella" James Dean tribute "A Young Man Is Gone" (a reworking of Bobby Troup's beautiful "Their Hearts Were Full of Spring"), a prime example of Wilson's arranging genius and the band's vocal prowess. "All Summer Long" was notable not only for racheting up the band's standards and essentially bidding farewell to the surf songs that inspired both their name and reputation, but also for going toe-to-toe with one of rock's most explosive phenomena--Beatlemania--and coming away victorious, with the single "I Get Around" soaring to No. 1 in the spring of 1964. Essentially another loose concept record (revolving around the innocent hedonistic pursuits of an idyllic SoCal summer) that takes its cue from the effervescent title track, it also documents Brian's restless creativity pushing the band toward its performing peak. Bonus takes include the superior single take of band staple "Be True to Your School," alternate takes of "Little Honda" and "Don't Back Down," and the slightly salacious outtake "All Dressed Up for School." Both albums have also been sonically burnished via 24-bit digital remastering.--Jerry McCulley

Little Deuce Coupe1:41
Ballad Of Ole' Betsy2:17
Be True To Your School2:08
Car Crazy Cutie2:49
Cherry, Cherry Coupe1:47
Shut Down1:50
Spirit Of America2:26
Our Car Club2:23
No-Go Showboat1:56
A Young Man Is Gone2:18
Custom Machine1:42
I Get Around2:14
All Summer Long2:09
Little Honda1:54
We'll Run Away2:02
Carl's Big Chance2:27
Do You Remember?1:40
Girls On The Beach2:26
Our Favorite Recording Sessions1:59
Don't Back Down1:47
True To Your School
All Dressed Up For School2:23
Little Honda (Alternate Take)2:13
Don't Back Down (Alternate Take)1:39
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