Ry Cooder
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Label: Warner Bros.
Duration: 38:28
Genre: Rock, Folk, Country

BEFORE WE START PLEASE EXCUSE THE PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMER. there's somthing about ry cooder, he makes you like the most diverse kind of music. i never liked jazz and to be honest i still dont, but when i bought this LP 20 years ago it made me smile as i listend away on a not very hi fi.i'm playing it now as i write this my foot tapping away much faster than my fingers typing. the track is HAPPY MEETING IN GLORY almost a salvation army feel to it, gotta stop a minute and turn the album over. FLASHES is just ry playing guitar MAGIC, there are three cuts with vocals BIG BAD BILL, SHINE,& NOBODY.a gospel feel to this one BRILLIANT. now to the highlight, for me anyway WE SHALL BE HAPPY,oh man take me away.even with all the scratches it sounds ace. its set me up for the day ahead. the album should have been titled jazzish because theres a mexican feel to it, gospels in there. if your feet dont tap to this you must be dead, do yourself a favour and get this, i know if i win the prize for this review i'll certainly be replacing my copy. happy listening and put an old pair of shoes on or you'll wear your good ones out.

Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now
Face To Face That I Shall Meet Him03:21
The Pearls/Tia Juana
The Dream05:07
Happy Meeting In Glory03:16
In A Mist02:09
Davenport Blues02:06
We Shall Be Happy03:14
Arranged By: Queen
Producer: Queen, Roy Thomas Baker
UPC: 75992735520