The Essential Clash
The Clash

Label: Sony
Duration: 2:18:16
Genre: Alternative & Punk

The Essential Clashdemonstrates once again how superior the Clash were to any of their punk peers. It's striking that, while the effects of the movement continue to resonate decades later, most '70s punk has dated badly. Even the great singles of the Sex Pistols, perhaps because they encapsulated the time so perfectly, do little more than remind one of 1977. But this fine 40-track double-disc collection demonstrates that the Clash's sound maintains its vitality, whether in the apocalyptic foreboding of "London Calling" or the sulking "I'm So Bored with the USA." When frontman Joe Strummer died in December 2002 at age 50, much was made of the political conscience he'd brandished throughout his career; it must be noted that appearing to be a great thinker in comparison to other rock singers is no great accomplishment. Appearing a great rock singer in comparison to other vocalists is a much more impressive achievement, and this retrospective provides irrefutable evidence of the genius of Strummer and the band he led. --Andrew Mueller

White Riot1:59
London's Burning2:09
Complete Control3:13
Clash City Rockers3:47
I'm So Bored With the U.S.A.2:24
Career Opportunities1:51
Hate & War2:04
Police & Thieves6:00
Janie Jones2:05
Capital Radio One2:08
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais3:59
English Civil War2:35
Tommy Gun3:15
Safe European Home3:49
Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad3:03
Stay Free3:38
Groovy Times3:28
I Fought The Law2:41
London Calling3:19
The Guns Of Brixton3:09
Rudie Can't Fail3:27
Lost In The Supermarket3:46
Jimmy Jazz3:54
Train In Vain3:09
The Magnificent Seven5:32
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe3:10
Stop the World2:31
Somebody Got Murdered3:34
The Street Parade3:27
This Is Radio Clash4:09
Ghetto Defendant4:43
Rock the Casbah3:40
Straight to Hell5:29
Should I Stay or Should I Go3:07
This Is England3:51
Original Release: 2003-01-01
UPC: 696998905627, 5099720188698