The Very Best of 10cc

Label: Mercury
Duration: 1:05:57
Genre: Pop

How any real 10 CC fan could give this compilation less than five stars is beyond me. This has some of their best and brightest. No other group is even remotely close to being like 10 CC. They were so original. The CD is also interesting to listen to how they evolved from their earlier recordings (filled with wit and Beach Boys/60s music influence) to the beautiful and haunting "I'm Not In Love." (By the way, this CD has the complete, unedited version!) To me, most of the best album tracks (and hits) are included on this release. If you are a big fan of 10 CC however, I would also suggest purchasing The Original Soundtrack and Deceptive Bends. An extra added plus on this CD is the inclusion of Godley & Creme's "Cry." I listen to this CD constantly. It brings back so many great memories of the music and times of my high school days - times when groups tried to be unique, different and have a style of their own. 10 CC certainly had a style all of their own that nobody else has even come close to touching. This CD is a must! Haunting, clever, beautiful, witty, pop & rock with a lot of heart & soul! So what are you waiting for - buy it!

Rubber Bullets2:55
The Dean And I
The Wall Street Shuffle3:51
Silly Love3:14
Life Is A Minestrone4:29
I'm Not In Love6:01
Art For Art's Sake4:21
I'm Mandy Fly Me5:53
The Things We Do For Love4:59
Good Morning Judge5:06
People In Love3:47
Dreadlock Holiday4:31
For You And I
Under Your Thumb
Wedding Bells
Neanderthal Man
Original Release: 1997-06-17
Composer: Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
Producer: Bas Hartong and Bill Levenson
UPC: 731453600720