Freedom Chants from the Roof Of The World
Gyuto Monks

Label: Rykodisc
Duration: 1:07:13
Genre: Meditative

Recorded at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, this is the second album produced by Mickey Hart of multi-phonic chanting by the celebrated Gyuto Monks. The album features two long cuts, one invoking Yamantaka (the destroyer of death), and the other invoking Mahakala (protector of the Dharma). The pieces resonate with spiritual power and, as a bonus, the album ends with a nine-minute live performance by Hart, Philip Glass, and Kitaro recorded at the invitation of the Abbot.

Amazon Review
Recorded in America during the Chinese crackdown on Tibet, two of these three extended tracks feature 21 monks from the 500-year-old Gyüto Tantric Order, chanting for freedom and world peace. Beautifully recorded, it features the monks, each singing two and three note polyphonics from the throat, accompanied by occasional percussion and ceremonial horns in trance-inducing meditations to the Buddhist deities Yamantaka and Mahakala. Cosmic harmony and tolerance are well served by these uplifting incantations which constitute some of the best recordings of this uniquely Tibetan sacred music. A bonus to this spiritual and transcendental endeavor is a track by Mickey Hart, Phillip Glass, and Kitaro, live in front of an audience (and the monks) in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. "--Derek Rath"

#2 For Gaia9:48
Original Release: 1989-01-01
Composer: Gyuto Monks
Arranged By: Gyuto Monks, Kitaro, Mickey Hart, Philip Glass
Producer: Mickey Hart