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4571061The prince /Niccolo Machiavelli
4328131The printing press as an agent of change : communications and cultural transformation in early-modern Europe. Vol. I, IIElizabeth L Eisenstein
2219911The problem of God : yesterday and todayJohn Courtney Murray
2797141The prostitute in the family tree : discovering humor and irony in the BibleDouglas E Adams
2207291The purifying power of living by faith in-- future graceJohn Piper
506451The pursuit of GodA W Tozer
2658851The quark and the jaguar : adventures in the simple and the complexMurray Gell-Mann, Physiker ...
2897681The quest : revealing the Temple Mount in JerusalemLeen Ritmeyer
2852191The real Jesus is the Christ of faithLuke Timothy Johnson
1981091A reformation reader : primary texts with introductionsDenis Janz
1579451The relentless tenderness of JesusBrennan Manning
3123031The religion of tomorrow : a vision for the future of the great traditions - more inclusive, more comprehensive, more completeKen Wilber
2903661responding to pro-gay theology: what does the bible really say?lovewonout
2872011The resurrection of Jesus : a new historiographical approachMichael R Licona
5139671The revenge of Gaia : earth's climate in crisis and the fate of humanityJames Lovelock
102376The rise and fall of the BibleTimothy K. Beal
2851991A rivalry of genius : Jewish and Christian biblical interpretation in late antiquityMenaḥēm Hiršman
2897821The riverside anthology of children's literatureJudith Saltman
3142801The road back to you : an Enneagram journey to self-discoveryIan Morgan Cron
4470741The road to Eleusis : unveiling the secret of the mysteriesRobert Gordon Wasson
4463501The rock that is higher : story as truthMadeleine L'Engle
5415961The rule of laws : a 4000-year quest to order the worldFernanda Pirie
4255801The sad little factJonah Winter
2898841The scandal of the evangelical conscience : why are Christians living just like the rest of the world?Ronald J Sider
762441The scandal of the evangelical mindMark A Noll
2898721The science of God : the convergence of scientific and biblical wisdom.Gerald L Schroeder
2914491The science of parenting : practical guidance on sleep, crying, play, and building emotional well-being for lifeMargot Sunderland
1728451The scientist in the crib : what early learning tells us about the mindAlison Gopnik
736891The screwtape letters with screwtape proposes a toastC S Lewis
2889561The search for significance : book and workbookRobert S McGee
2897201The serpent on the crown. Bk. 17Elizabeth Peters
1164171The seven checkpoints : seven principles every teenager needs to know : for youth leadersAndy Stanley
2845971The seven festivals of the MessiahEdward Chumney
4871911The seven principles for making marriage workJohn Mordechai Gottman
2598731A severe mercy : a story of faith, tragedy, and triumphSheldon Vanauken
2804701The shadow of God : stories from early JudaismLeo Duprée Sandgren
603191The shaping of things to come : innovation and mission for the 21st-century churchMichael Frost
805541A shattered visage : the real face of atheismRavi K Zacharias
1489601The sins of Scripture : exposing the Bible's texts of hate to reveal the God of loveJohn Shelby Spong
2168071The six fundamentals of success : the rules for getting it right for yourself and your organizationStuart R Levine
976441The sixth extinction : an unnatural historyElizabeth Kolbert
3248211The skeletons in God's closet : the mercy of Hell, the surprise of judgment, the hope of holy warJoshua Ryan Butler
3270581The skeptical believer : telling stories to your inner atheistDaniel Taylor
760571The skeptics guide to the global AIDS crisis : tough questions, direct answersDale Hanson Bourke
812471The snake, the crocodile, and the dogElizabeth Peters
3422481The social conquest of earthEdward Osborne Wilson
846181The sociopath next door : the ruthless versus the rest of usMartha Stout
2898791The soul of Christianity : retrieving the great traditionHuston Smith
2090551The soul of an octopus : a surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousnessSy Montgomery
765581The souls of black folkW E B Du Bois