Royals of Villain Academy 6: Foul Conjuring

Author: Chase Eva
Pages: 296
Series: Royals of Villain Academy(#6/8)
Genre: Fantasy & Magic
Format: Audiobook

Having my birth mother back in my life? To say it's a big transition is an understatement. Especially when she's basically a stranger to me, and I'm not sure yet whether I can trust her to be any more maternal than the average fearmancer parent (which, spoiler, isn't much).
Unfortunately, the other barons aren't giving me time to ease into the situation. They've turned their sights on my fellow scions and newfound lovers, putting them under fire from far too close to home. As if that wasn't enough, an unsettling plan is unfolding that threatens every student on campus.
I'm starting to think there's more at stake here at Villain Academy than I ever suspected. While I'm facing uncomfortable revelations at every turn, can I find the strength to protect everyone I care about?
Foul Conjuring is the sixth book in a university-age paranormal academy series. Expect magical villainy, a tough heroine who bends to no one’s will, a dollop of steam, and a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance where there'll be no choosing required.*