Quasar Lineage Series Books 1 & 2 & 3 - A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Bundle: Bren's Blessing & Matthias's Miracle & Amari's Adored (The Quasar Lineage)

Author: Tate Pearl
Pages: 556
Series: Quasar Lineage Series(1-3/
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: Ebook Amazon & Audible Book

BREN'S BLESSINGI enjoy my job, so when things go sideways and aliens board my lab, I try to stay positive and make sure that I just observe and stay alive. But I'm immediately grabbed an taken to their ship.It appears that I’m now the property of the alien that grabbed me. He's big, possessive and seems to want to get to know me a lot better...MATTHIAS'S MIRACLEI wake from my abduction while being separated from my friends. Sore and groggy, I'm tied to a bed before I realize what's going on.As the circumstances start to sink in, I fight until I hear a roar of rage.
At first, my rescuer scares me as much as my captors, but when I realize he's helping, he becomes my new best friend...AMARI'S ADOREDBefore I even wake up from my abduction, I'm “rescued” from the shuttle that crashed here on their prison planet. But as I’m coming to terms with everything around me, I become a pawn in a tug-of-war between my new rescuer and a group of unhappy aliens. They are determined to break away from their prison, taking everything of value with them… and that includes me!