The Ruins Of Earth
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Author: Thomas M Disch
Publisher: SFBC
Pages: 279
Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stpries
Format: Mass Market Paperback

Man is at last waking up to the terrible damage he is inflicting on his environment. The various routes to disaster have already been charted.

But the damage still goes on.

This collection of stories by leading science-fiction writers - each committed to a human vision of society - attempts to take the ecological inquiry one stage further. To indicate why we are destroying our world - and what the possible consequences for us all may be.

This anthology contains: Deer in the Works by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; Three Million Square Miles by Gene Wolfe; Closing with Nature by Norman Rush; The Plot to Save the World by Michael Brownstein; Autofac by Philip K. Dick; Roommates by Harry Harrison; Groaning Hinges of the World by R. A. Lafferty; Gas Mask by James D. Houston; Wednesday November 15, 1967 by George Alec Effinger; The Cage of Sand by J. G. Ballard; Accident Vertigo by Kenward Elmslie; The Birds by Thomas M. Disch; Do It For Mama by Jerrold J. Mundis; The Dreadful Has Already Happened by Norman Kagan; The Shaker Revival by Gerald Jonas; and America the Beautiful by Fritz Leiber.