Spring Breakers
A little sun can bring out your dark side.

Stars: James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, Gucci Mane, Heather Morris, Ash Lendzion, Emma Holzer, Lee Irby, Jeff Jarrett, Josh Randall, Travis Duncan, John McClain, Paige Anderson
Director: Harmony Korine
Writer: Harmony Korine
Language: English
Studio: A24
Duration: 94
Rated: R
DVD Release: July 2013

Spring Break Foreverrrrrrr.....Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson) and Colby (Rachel Korine) are best friends anxious to cut loose for spring break, but the don't have the money. After holding up a restaurant for quick cash, the girls head to the beach in a stolen car for what they think will be the party of the lifetime......until they're thrown in jail. But they are bailed out by Alien (James Franco), a local rapper, drug pusher and arms dealer, who lures them into a criminal underbelly that's as shocking as it is liberating!!

James FrancoAlien
Selena GomezFaith
Vanessa HudgensCandy
Ashley BensonBrit
Rachel KorineCotty
Gucci ManeArchie
Heather MorrisBess
Ash LendzionForest
Emma HolzerHeather
Lee IrbyHistory Professor
Jeff JarrettYouth Pastor
Josh RandallJock 1
Russell CurryDJ (as Russell Curry aka Dangeruss)
Travis DuncanJock 2
John McClainJudge
Paige AndersonFemale guard
Russell StuartDJ (as Russell Curry aka Dangeruss)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Media: Blu-ray
Sound: DTS-HD Master
IMDb: 2101441