Riaru onigokko

Stars: Reina Triendl, Mariko Shinoda, Erina Mano, Maryjun Takahashi, Yuki Sakurai
Director: Shion Sono
Writer: Yusuke Yamada, Shion Sono
Language: English
Studio: Asmik Ace Entertainment
Duration: 85

A bus full of high school girls are on their way to a school trip. A sudden gust of wind slices the bus in half, length-wise killing 40 girls in the blink of an eye, except Mitsuko our protagonist, who ducked just in time. The Wind, however, turns back around to Mitsuko. She runs for her life...and incomprehensibly finds herself walking to school with her classmates. Mitsuko and her classmates, Aki, Yuki and Sur(short for Surreal) chat like they've done hundreds of times. Was the tragic deaths of 40 high school girls a nightmare? The next moment, a schoolteacher with a machine gun opens fire, leaving piles of dead girls. Mitsuko runs again. Now she finds herself in a peaceful street lined with shops. "What's wrong, Keiko? Today's your wedding!" says her old friend. Mitsuko is now Keiko, a 25-year-old woman. Before she can resist, Keiko is dressed in a wedding gown. A pig in a tuxedo holding a knife, chases her. What is this irrational world? One of the women tells Keiko, "As long as ...

Reina TriendlMitsuko
Mariko ShinodaKeiko
Erina ManoIzumi
Maryjun Takahashi
Yuki Sakurai
Hiroko Yashiki
Misaki Saisho
Honoka Murakami
Sayaka Isoyama
Mao Mita
Kanon Miyahara
Cyborg Kaori
Mika Akizuki
Rin Honoka
Moe Sasaki
Ami Tomite
Akari Ozawa
Maki Sawa
Genre: Horror
Media: DVD
IMDb: 4439120