Shadow Of The Vampire
An Unspeakable Horror. A Creative Genius. Captured For Eternity.
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Stars: Christophe Chrompin, Eddie Izzard, Nicholas Elliott, Sascha Ley, Patrick Hastert, Willem Dafoe, Radica Jovicic, Norman Golightly, Jean-Claude Croes, Derek Kueter, Myriam Muller, Milos Hlavac, Cary Elwes, Aden Gillett, Ronan Vibert, Graham Johnston, Orian
Director: E. Elias Merhige
Writer: Steven Katz
Language: English
Studio: Prism Leisure
Duration: 91
Rated: M15+

Somewhere in Eastern Europe 1922...Filming of FW Murnau's classic vampire movie, Nosferatu, is being disrupted not only by funding problems, but by rumours of disappearances and deaths amongst the cast and crew.
On the first night of shooting, the cameraman mysteriously takes ill and collapses...
Some days later, his replacement falls into a trance and never recovers...
Leading man Max Shreck (Willem Dafoe) is never introduced to the cast and crew and he is never seen out of character. Hapless actor Gustav (Eddie Izzard) thinks his sinister co-star is the ultimate method actor. In fact, director Murnau (John Malkovich) has sealed a pact with Shreck offering him the neck of his leading lady (Catherine McCormack) at the end of the shoot if he delivers the ultimate performance for the camera.
Stranded on an island, the crew must finish the film before Shreck's bloodlust becomes uncontrollable.
Produced by Nicolas cage and nominated for two Oscars (Willem Dafoe Best Supporting Actor and Best Make Up Effects) Shadow Of The Vampire charts the horrifying lengths to which one of cinema's outstanding directors went, to

Christophe ChrompinMurnau's Crew
Eddie IzzardGustav
Nicholas ElliottPaul
Sascha LeyDrunken Woman
Patrick HastertReporter 3
Willem DafoeSchreck
Norman GolightlyReporter 2
Jean-Claude CroesMurnau's Crew (as Jean Claude Cross)
Derek KueterReporter 1
Myriam MullerMaria
Milos HlavacInnkeeper (as Milos Hlavak)
Cary ElwesWagner
Aden GillettGaleen (as John Aden Gillet)
Radica JovicicMurnau's Crew
Ronan VibertMuller
Tania MarzenEva
Dan JonesOriginal Music Composer
Graham JohnstonMurnau's Crew
Orian WilliamsMurnau's Crew
Chris WyattEditor
Marie-Paule von RoesgenOld Woman (as Marie-Paul Van Roesgen)
Marja-Leena JunkerInnkeeper's Wife (as Marja Leena Junker)
Udo KierGrau
Catherine McCormackGreta
John MalkovichMurnau
Sophie LangevinElke
Ingeborga DapkunaiteMicheline
Lou BogueCinematographer
Genre: Horror
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital
IMDb: 0189998