The X:Files: I Want to Believe
The X Files: I Want to Believe
To find the truth, you must believe.
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Stars: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, Xzibit
Director: Chris Carter
Writer: Frank Spotnitz, Chris Carter
Language: English
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Duration: 104
Rated: PG-13
DVD Release: December 2008

The feature film The X-Files: I Want to Believe is a satisfying if unspectacular installment in the X-Files series, taking place an unspecified time after the show's nine-year television run. Former agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is now a doctor, while Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is being hunted by his former agency and living in seclusion. He and Scully are summoned back by a case involving a missing agent and a former priest (Billy Connolly) who claims to be able to see clues to the agent's whereabouts psychically, though his initial search turns up only a severed limb. Don't expect the usual cast of characters; the FBI has completely turned over (except for the George W. Bush portrait), and the only reason Scully and Mulder are back is because agent Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) remembers his success on similar cases involving the unexplainable. Don't expect the same rogues' gallery either; unlike the previous X-Files feature film, which was inextricably linked to the series' convoluted mythology arc (and served as a bridge between the fifth and sixth seasons), I Want to Believe is a stand-alone piece that makes use of the series' roots in horror/sci-fi and moody Vancouver, B.C., locales. Also unlike the previous film, which was almost self-consciously shot for the big screen, this film is on a smaller scale, like a double-length episode of the series. But it's still a good reminder of the creepy vibe that hooked fans for years. And the relationship between Mulder and Scully? It seems to have resumed pretty much where it left off, at least when you take into account the long period of separation. But stick around for the end-credit sequence to take in all the possibilities for the future. --David Horiuchi

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Stills from The X-Files: I Want to Believe (Click for larger image)

David DuchovnyFox Mulder
Gillian AndersonDana Scully
Amanda PeetASAC Dakota Whitney
Billy ConnollyFather Joseph Crissman
XzibitAgent Mosley Drummy
Mitch PileggiWalter Skinner
Callum Keith Rennie2nd Abductor - Janke Dacyshyn
Adam GodleyFather Ybarra
Alex DiakunGaunt Man
Nicki Aycox2nd Victim - Cheryl Cunningham
Fagin Woodcock1st Abductor - Franz Tomczeszyn
Marco NiccoliChristian Fearon
Carrie RuscheinskyMargaret Fearon
Spencer MaybeeBlair Fearon
Veronika HadravaFemale Assistant
Denis KrasnogolovMale Assistant
Patrick KeatingSlight Man
Roger HorchowElderly Gent
Stephen E. MillerFeed Store Proprietor
Xantha RadleyMonica Bannan
Lorena GaleOn Screen Doctor
Donavon StinsonSuited Man
Dion Johnstone1st Cop
Sarah-Jane RedmondSpecial Agent in Charge
Christina D'AlimonteDoctor's Colleague
Vanesa TomasinoHallway Agent
Luvia PetersenO.R. Nurse
Babs ChulaSurgeon (as Babz Chula)
Marci T. HouseSheriff
Joseph Patrick FinnWhispering Priest (as J.P. Finn)
Beth SieglerAnesthesiologist
Stacee CopelandDoctor
Tom CharronSheriff Horton
Brent C.S. O'ConnorTow Truck Driver
Chris CarterMan sitting in hospital hallway
Mark SnowComposer
Bill RoeCinematographer
Richard A. HarrisEditor
Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner
Genre: Action & Adventure
Media: Blu-ray
Sound: Dolby
IMDb: 0443701