Tequila Joe & A Hole Between The Eyes (The Spaghetti Western Collection Vol. 29)
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Stars: Anthony Ghidra, Robert Hundar, Jean Sobieski
Director: Giuseppe Vari, Enzo Dell'Aquila
Writer: Fernando Di Leo, Adriano Bolzoni, Enzo Dell'Aquila
Language: English
Studio: Wild East Productions
Duration: 180
Rated: Not Rated
DVD Release: July 2010

...E VENNE IL TEMPO DI UCCIDERE (Enzo Dell'Aquila, 1968)
Two rival gangs do battle with each other in a small town. The drunken sheriff isn't courageous enough to try and stop them but his newly arrived deputy is. The deputy manages to arrest most of the outlaws but tranferring them to the fort and justice is another matter.

UN BUCO IN FRONTE (Giuseppe Vari, 1972)
In the days of the Alamo, a treasure was stolen by three soldiers of the army of Santa Anna and hidden in a secret place. When combined, the information written on three playing cards will reveal the location of the treasure. Those playing cards are in possession of a deserter who calls himself ‘general’, Morienda, a drifter, and Garrincha, an outlaw. Morienda has made an appointment with the famous gunman Bill Blood in a monastery, but at his arrival he is severely wounded and can only hand over his card and utter a few words. Blood infiltrates the gang of Munguya but is exposed by the bandit and beaten up. In the meantime Garrincha sets up a trap for Munguya with the help of a double-crossing arms-dealer. The three men finally meet at the monastery where the treasure is hidden

Jean SobieskiDeputy Burt
Mimmo PalmaraRock Mulligan (as Dick Palmer)
Furio MeniconiManuel Trianas
Mimo Billi(as Mimmo Billi)
Felicita FannyConsuela (as Felicita Fanni)
Fidel Gonzáles
Claudio Ruffini
Gilberto Galimberti
Frank Fargas
Fortunato Arena
Max Fraser
Luciano Doria
Raoul Amari
Remo Capitani
Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia(as Ivan G. Scratuglia)
Leonora RuffoMulligan's daughter
Paolo Figlia
Dragomir 'Gidra' BojanicStranger (as Anthony Ghidra)
Claudio UndariGeneral Munguya (as Robert Hundar)
Rosy ZichelAdelita
Corinne FontainePlacida
Giuseppe AddobbatiPrior (as Jhon Mac.Douglas)
Jhon BryanMiguel
Giorgio GargiulloTedder
Elsa Janet WaterstonEncarnacion
Mario DardanelliEpifan (as Mario Darnell)
Luigi MarturanoGarrincha
Giuseppe CastellanoRed Bearded Monk
Bruno CattaneoMurienda
Rocco LerroGangmember
Genre: Western
Media: DVD
IMDb: 0158524