The Demon of Revenge.

Stars: Lance Henriksen
Director: Stan Winston
Writer: Ed Justin, Mark Patrick Carducci, Stan Winston, Richard Weinman, Gary Gerani
Language: English
Studio: MGM (Video & DVD)
Duration: 86
Rated: R
DVD Release: September 2008

A group of city kids go into the country to relax. While there, one of them is involved in a biking accident that takes the life of the son of the local storekeeper (Lance Henrikson). In a fit of rage, the storekeeper has a witch unleash an unstoppable demon called "Pumpkinhead" to kill the group. When he realizes he's gone too far, the storekeeper attempts to save the kids, but is continually afflicted by visions of peoples' deaths through the eyes of the monster.

Lance HenriksenEd Harley
Jeff EastChris
John D'AquinoJoel
Kimberly RossKim
Joel HoffmanSteve
Cynthia BainTracy
Kerry RemsenMaggie
Florence SchaufflerHaggis
Brian BremerBunt
George FlowerMr. Wallace
George 'Buck' FlowerMr. Wallace (as Buck Flower)
Matthew HurleyBilly Harley
Lee de BrouxTom Harley (as Lee DeBroux)
Peggy Walton-WalkerEllie Harley (as Peggy Walton Walker)
Chance Corbitt Jr.Eddie Harley
Chance Michael CorbittEddie Harley
Dick WarlockClayton Heller (as Richard Warlock)
Devon OdessaHessie
Joseph PiroJimmy Joe
Mayim BialikWallace kid
Jandi SwansonWallace kid
Bob FredricksonEthan (as Robert Fredrickson)
Greg MichaelsHill man
Madeleine Taylor HolmesOld hill woman
Mary BoessowMountain Girl
Tom Woodruff Jr.Pumpkinhead
Genre: Horror
Media: DVD
Sound: Ultra Stereo
IMDb: 0095925