Healed by Grace
With God's help, from tragedy to triumph.

Stars: Tommy Beardmore, Larry Bower, Mark S. Esch, Dija Henry, Sharon Nelson
Director: David Matthew Weese
Writer: David Matthew Weese, Natalie Weese
Language: English
Studio: Blended Planet Pictures
Duration: 111
Rated: See all certifications

College sophomore Riley Adams dreams of being a world class elite dancer, believing her success can be a platform to share her Christian faith. Being raised in a single parent home, she's replaced the absence of her mother with the illusion of control, by learning to drive toward success by giving 150% all the time.. Victory in regional competition has gained her a coveted shot at the nationals, but a horrific accident brings her dreams to a halt and her illusion of control to a standstill. For the first time in her life, no amount of effort can affect change - at least not fast enough for Riley, who still believes she can recover in time for nationals. Equine therapy may help Riley gain full mobility, and true to character, Riley throws herself headlong into the process (spurred along a bit by an attractive and charming therapist). Through the process Riley develops a bond with a beautiful horse named Grace, and rediscovers her drive to succeed. Just when it seems the old Riley is ...

Tommy BeardmoreCasey
Larry BowerGauff
Mark S. EschEd
Dija HenryLily
Sharon NelsonMelinda Baldwin
April OberlinAleah Adams
LaDonna PettijohnLexis
Natalie WeeseRiley
Michael WilhelmMichael Adams
Sam WilliamsSleeping Guy
Genre: Drama
Media: DVD
IMDb: 2308711