Stars: Maria Ehrich, Jannis Niewöhner, Laura Berlin, Josefine Preuß, Rolf Kanies
Director: Felix Fuchssteiner, Katharina Schöde
Writer: Katharina Schöde, Felix Fuchssteiner
Language: English
Studio: Tele München
Duration: 113
Rated: 12

After the events of Sapphire Blue Gwen is heartbroken and confused about who she is and what the real powers of the Raven are. Not knowing who they can trust anymore, Gwen and Leslie try to figure out what nefarious plots the Count has up his sleeve with the help of a sassy gargoyle. Using her personal chronograph Gwen attempts to discover the tightly knit secrets the Lodge has been keeping. Will Gwen be able to turn to Gideon in her time of need or is her mistrust in him justified enough to separate them forever?

Maria EhrichGwendolyn Shepherd
Jannis NiewöhnerGideon de Villiers
Laura BerlinCharlotte Montrose
Josefine PreußLucy Montrose
Rolf KaniesWilliam de Villiers
Florian BartholomäiPaul de Villiers
Rufus BeckXemerius (voice)
Butz Ulrich BuseMiro Rakoczy
Justine del CorteMadame Rossini
Timur IsikMr. Marley
Jennifer LotsiLeslie
Emilia SchüleLady Amalia
Johannes SilberschneiderMr. Bernard
Peter SimonischekGraf von St. Germain
Chris TallGordon Geldermann
Genre: Fantasy
Media: Blu-ray
IMDb: 4960934