Under the Hawthorn Tree
Shan zha shu zhi lian
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Stars: Dongyu Zhou, Shawn Dou, Taisheng Chen, Rina Sa, Xuejian Li
Director: Yimou Zhang
Writer: Ai Mi
Language: English
Studio: Beijing New Picture Film Co.
Duration: 114

Zhang Yimou's highly anticipated film, which is adapted from a popular novel of the same name from Ai Mi, harkens back to the innocence of the 1970's in presenting this pure and moving tear jerking love story, set in 1975 in a small village in Yichang City, Hubei Province.

The story is of an unfulfilled romance between Jingqiu and a young man named Laosan during their “zhiqing” days towards the end of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Zhiqing refers to young urbanites who were sent to the countryside during that turbulent decade. Jingqiu, who had had a difficult life after her father was labeled a right-winger, met the handsome Laosan, who had a promising future because of his high-ranking military officer father. The couple fall in love, despite the gulf between their backgrounds. The only question remains is if their romance ever become fulfilled.

Zhou Dong-YuZhang Jingqiu
Dongyu ZhouJing
Shawn DouSun
Xi Mei-JuanMrs Zhang
Meijuan XiJing's Mother
Xuejian Li
Li XuejianVillage Head Zhang
Taisheng Chen
Cheng Tai-ShenTeacher Luo
Sa Ren-NaAuntie
Rina Sa
Liping Lu
Jiang Rui-JiaWei Hong
Ruijia Jiang
Yu XinboZhang Changlin
Xinbo Yu
Sun Hai-YingJianxin's father
Xinyun Xi
Haiying Sun
Zhao XiaodingDirector of Photography
Ke Qi
Xiaoding ZhaoCinematographer
Genre: Drama, Romance
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital
IMDb: 1554523