The Dark Prince's Prize (Curizan Warrior Book 2)

Author: Smith S.E.
Publisher: Montana Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 368
Series: Curizan Warriors(#122)
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: Audible Audiobook

Prince Adalard Ha’darra’s mission is simple - stay out of trouble while on Earth. His plans to enjoy his time with a few pleasurable distractions change when his transport is sabotaged, forcing him to land miles from Paul Grove’s remote ranch. When a stranger stops to give him a lift to his destination, he sees the colors of her aura and is stunned to discover his mate!
Samara Lee-Stephens has lived with the Lee-Stephens curse her entire life. Determined to break it, she focuses on earning enough money to one day leave her family’s reputation behind. She is furious when her stupid brothers drag her into their messed-up lives - by losing her in a poker game! As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she soon finds herself fascinated by the Grove ranch’s newest client, who claims to be an alien prince!
Adalard and Samara discover that time may change them, but not their enemies. Can Adalard and Samara survive the challenges that threaten to tear them apart, or will their enemies succeed despite the precautions and sacrifices they’ve taken?