America's Great Comic-Strip Artists: From the Yellow Kid to Peanuts

Author: Richard Marschall
Illustrator: Various Artists
Cover Artist: Various Artists
Publisher: Stewart Tabori & Chang
Language: English
Pages: 295
Series: N/A
ISBN: 9781556706462
Genre: Arts & Photography, Comics & Graphic Novels, Newspaper Comics, Non Fiction, Reference
Format: Hardcover

One line in this beautiful coffee-table book on early comic-strip artists, "America's Great Comic-Strip Artists", stands out: "Although George Herriman is the most celebrated comic-strip artist of all time--and by common agreement the greatest--his best-known strip, "Krazy Kat", has been praised by people who have never seen it."

While many people may be familiar with the featured artists or with their work ("Little Nemo", "Popeye", "Dick Tracy", "Peanuts"), the wealth of artistry in America's comics pioneers is something not to be overlooked. To examine the illustrations that begin each chapter--details of each artist's work enlarged so that you can see the grain of the paper and the dot patterns of color--is to be in awe of these graphic art masters. Richard Marschall's loving history begs to be visited again and again.