Royals of Villain Academy 2: Vile Sorcery

Author: Chase Eva
Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Language: English
Pages: 364
Series: Royals of Villain Academy(#2/8)
Genre: Fantasy & Magic
Format: Ebook Amazon & Audible Book

In a month, I've gone from magicless to one of the most powerful dark mages in the world. You'd think that would make my life easier.
But all that power is only potential until I learn how to wield it, and my enemies have a huge head start. While I'm picking up every skill I can, adversaries both within Villain Academy and beyond it are working to knock me down.
My fellow scions? I can count at least a couple of them among those enemies. The others... Let's just say the lines between light and dark have gotten a lot more blurred.
Nothing's safe here—not my mind, my heart, my magic, or the few people who're proving themselves my allies. When the danger turns deadly, will I be able to save all of them and myself?
Rory’s battle to survive Villain Academy has only just begun. Vicious treachery, unexpected allies, thrilling passion, and wrenching heartbreak await in Vile Sorcery