How to Be a Superhero

Author: Mike Lepine, Mike Leigh
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780140143966
Genre: Humour
Format: Paperback

We know all about superheroes. Their Leotard and underpants wearing antics are loved or loathed by us all. Few understand, however, what one has to go through to become a superhero. This book gives you the low-down.
How to be A superhero covers evrything from gaining your powers and designing your costume, to how to recognise super-villains and whether you should take on a kid-sidekick.
The Books illustrations are rendered by Steve Dillon, a comic artist in his own right and comic fans will find a lot of sly references to existing characters scattered throughout the book.
If you love comics, this is an funny look at the medium, poking fun at the conventions and pretensions we've come to know. If you hate comics then this is also great fun, as the writers are pretty scathing when they feel like it and whilst it covers lots of grounds of ridicule we've all seen over the years there are a lot of other shots taken that I'd never come across.
My copy is over ten years old now, well thumbed and with numeroud pages coming loose. It's easily my most borrowed book and everybody who has read it has loved it.
Of course, I followed it's advice and got struck by lightning to gain superpowers.....
I now use my Chronic Stutter and third degree burns to fight crime as 'The Human Cinder'.