Sarda: A SciFi Alien Romance (A Novella of The Ladyships)

Author: McLynn Bex
Pages: 85
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: eBook

Lost in space? Ech, they'll survive. Losing their hearts? Not without a fight.

Lady Vedma wakes on an unknown spaceship with a tattooed, mystery man beside her. There's a dead alien on the deck and empty cryo-bins nearby. When her bunkmate rouses, Vedma recognizes him. Just her luck, he's the one man who can ruin her plans, but only if he can capture her hardened heart.

Dyr's head throbs. Waking from cryo-sleep and getting kidnapped is bad enough. Add in Lady Vedma, the anathema of the Teras Dominion, and few things could be worse. But try telling that to his battered and aroused body—or his aching heart.

Left on a derelict ship in the outer reaches of known space, Vedma and Dyr must rescue each other before their kidnappers return and jeopardize their precious future.