Today's Parallel Bible

Author: Zondervan
Publisher: Zondervan
Pages: 2880
ISBN: 9780310918363
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Format: Hardcover

The Today’s Parallel Bible lets you benefit from the rich nuances of meaning offered by different translations. It sets four of today’s most popular translations side-by-side for you to compare and contrast. Today’s Parallel Bible includes:• New International Version-Today’s best-selling translation, offering a unique combination of scholarly accuracy and easy readability. The thought-for-thought approach to translation allows today’s reader to better understand and apply the intended meaning of the original Bible writers.• King James Version-The classic, word-for-word translation, beloved by Christians through the centuries for its dignity, poetic language, and timeless truths.• New American Standard Bible, Updated Edition-The most literal word-for-word English Translation available, updated to provide greater clarity of meaning. Vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure have been carefully revised to improve readability.• New Living Translation-A popular modern translation with roots in the Living Bible, featuring easily accessible vocabulary and language structure.