Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (Expanded) / Off His Rockers
Bruce Broughton

Label: Intrada
Duration: 69:34
Genre: Soundtrack

Intrada revisits, expands a 1992 Disney favorite and premieres related cartoon short! Bruce Broughton takes over reigns from James Horner, scores popular 1992 sequel to megawatt 1989 Disney hit Honey, I Shrunk The Kids in his own dynamic style with busy, wildly over-the-top symphonic score. Randal Kleiser directs, Rick Moranis again stars with vivid special effects in tow. Broughton creates not one but three important themes: Stomping, comic footstep idea in low instruments (bassoon, low clarinet, basses, trombone) that typically plays in tandem with rousing, winding second theme in sax, other woodwinds above. Both typically share prominence together in equal doses but unlike customary theme/accompaniment fashion, ingenious writing also allows each tune to make brief solo appearances sans the other. Yet a third theme bearing equal importance plays to sweeter, soaring “family” element. Yet another idea, smaller in context of score but prominent in key moments is “jingle-style” melody Broughton composes for ice cream truck that figures in storyline. Architecture of score is of note: Broughton literally designs entire work as single, ascending shape rather than customary arc. Everything begins in quiet-ish, unassuming fashion, becomes more animated as ideas progress, grows louder, then ultimately becomes massive energetic work for full orchestra that never lets up until final bar. Neat idea! Highlights are many, especially during latter scenes with toddler Adam growing to gigantic proportions, terrorizing innocents below. Spotlight here goes to “The Bunny Trick”, “Get Big Bunny”, “Clear The Streets!” and “Ice Cream!”. Special spotlight goes to exciting, soaring “Look At That Mother!”: Here, during excitement, Broughton quotes magnificent, powerful statement of family theme in truly soaring fashion! Worthy of extra note: incredible action sequence, “Car Flight”, in which composer himself describes in booklet notes of sequence having so many notes it was “scary” and near-impossible to perform. When all finally is done, Broughton reveals one last ace up his sleeve with rousing “End Credits - That’s All Folks!” in which major themes all get their say before tour-de-force climax and coda finally bring down curtains. Dazzling! All-new CD presentation features several previously unreleased cues in main program plus additional shorter bits and alternate “End Credits” in “the extras”. As cool overture to score, Intrada also premieres 4-minute original score accompanying Off His Rockers, the 1992 cartoon short that appeared in front of main theatrical feature. Here, Broughton helps wooden rocking horse arouse imagination of young boy and literally helps them gallop off to wild western adventure in composer’s trademark Americana style! Entire CD presented courtesy Disney from two-track digital scoring session mixes made by Robert Fernandez at Warner Bros., Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox, respectively. Bruce Broughton composes, conducts.

Music From The Cartoon Short OFF HIS ROCKERS4:27
Main Title3:10
Meet The Szalinskis1:04
Just Like Your Dad1:36
To The Lab1:58
Us Guys1:02
Back To The Lab1:14
Adam Gets Zapped0:35
Putting On Weight?1:24
Hi Guys, I’m Home0:57
How’d She Take It?3:17
The Playpen1:10
Sneaking Out1:17
The Warehouse2:07
Don’t Touch That Switch!0:26
He’s Out And He’s Bigger0:34
The Bunny Trick2:55
Truck Ride0:35
Hendrickson Gets Sacked0:46
Get Big Bunny4:18
No Naaap1:47
Clear The Streets!3:01
Car Flight4:43
Ice Cream!3:53
Look At That Mother!2:30
Diane Decks Hendrickson0:51
End Credits – That’s All, Folks!4:25
How Was Your Flight?0:14
Starting To Get Big0:17
Wayne Gets Fired0:22
It’s Not A Morphis0:09
The Crate0:15
He’s Headed For Vegas0:10
Adam Catches The Car0:20
Can’t We Go Faster?0:20
Adam Cries0:15
Mandy’s Room (Rock Source #2)1:36
T.V. Commercial Source0:17
End Credits – That’s All, Folks! (Alternate)4:44
Original Release: 1992-01-01
Composer: Bruce Broughton
Producer: Douglass Fake
UPC: 720258538529