Living Chicago Blues Volume 5
Lacy Gibson, Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band, Andrew Brown

Label: Sonet
Duration: 41:17
Genre: Blues, Chicago Blues

These three albums are dedicated to the late Tony Gooden, whose music contributed to the Son Seals Blues Band, and whose image appeared on the covers of LIVING CHICAGO BLUES, Vols. I-III.
(p) 1980 Alligator Records USA
(c) Sonet Records & Publishing Ltd 1980
121 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ.
Sonet Sonet and Alligator logos on front and back cover.

Drown in My Own Tears4:39
Crying for My Baby2:47
Feel So Bad3:52
Wish Me Well2:54
Blues For A Real Man3:34
Thirteen Years In Prison3:04
Country Boy4:23
My Life Ain't The Same3:19
I Got News For You5:01
Morning, Noon and Night3:43
Two Years4:01
Original Release: 1980-01-01
Producer: Bruce Iglauer