Green Day
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Label: Reprise Records
Duration: 32:56
Genre: Classic Pop Punk

I remember getting this cd way back in 1995. It was my 10th birthday party in December 95 and my best friend bought the cd for me. I went up to my room with my friends and put the cd in my cd player. I listened to the cd about 10 times that night, i was in love with this music i had never heard. That was when i first started getting into punk music and started playing the guitar. Now that I am 14, this cd still is an inspiration to me and the way i live. I think this cd is soooo much better than Dookie or Nimrod. The punk blasts out from you speakers and you instantly become mesmorized by the music and lyrics. It is pure 100% energy and makes you want to jump around and start singing along. Although Nimrod and Dookie are great cd's, this cd is always in my cd changer now along with Sublime's Selftitled cd. The screaming guitars and driving lyrics make my insides rumble. Eventhough it never met the sales of Nimrod or Dookie, I think it is the greatest Green Day cd and one of the greatest 32:56 ever produced by any band. Everybody should have this cd and i cant wait for WARNING: October 3rd. Thank you Green Day.

Armatage Shanks2:17
Stuck With Me2:15
Geek Stink Breath2:15
No Pride2:20
Bab's Uvula Who?2:08
Panic Song3:36
Stuart and the Ave.2:03
Brain Stew3:13
Westbound Sign2:13
Tight Wad Hill2:01
Walking Contradiction2:32
Original Release: 1995-10-10
Composer: Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day
Producer: Rob Cavallo, Green Day
UPC: 93624604624