Highway to Hell
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Label: Sony
Duration: 41:43
Genre: Classic Rock

What Highway to Hell has that Back in Black doesn't is Bon Scott, AC/DC's original lead singer who died just months after this album was released. Scott had a rusty, raspy, scream of a voice, like he might break into a coughing fit at any moment. In other words, on crunchy, hook-heavy metal classics like the title track, and on "Get It Hot" which is more roadhouse rock than metal, he had the perfect instrument for such wild-living anthems. Too perfect, it turned out. --David Cantwell

Highway to Hell3:26
Girls Got Rhythm3:23
Walk All Over You5:08
Touch Too Much4:24
Beating Around the Bush3:55
Shot Down in Flames3:21
Get It Hot2:24
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)4:32
Love Hungry Man4:14
Night Prowler6:13
Original Release: 1979-10-08
Composer: Angus Young, Bon Scott, Malcolm Young
Producer: Robert John Lange
UPC: 696998020627, 5099751076421, 5099974666829, 75679241924