Body Language
Kylie Minogue

Label: Parlophone (EMI)
Duration: 47:50
Genre: Pop

If Light Years was the comeback, and Fever the confirmation, then Body Language can best be described as Kylie's "big step forward“. Sure it's still simple dance-pop, but this time she (and a team of producers and writers – including Kurtis Mantronik – it must be said) has put together an album that works as a piece. It's stylish without being smarmy, retro without being ironic, and its energy never gets annoying. In other words: a near perfect pop record. Instead of opting for more of the light dance- and disco-pop of the last two releases, Kylie has sought to expand her horizons. Adding elements of electroclash, '80s synth pop, bouncy club beats – even a dash of Eminem-style raps! – she's found the formula that not only makes her vocal shortcomings irrelevant but gives her the edge on the rest of the divas on their newfound quest: maturity. While Madonna, Xtina, and Britney have attempted to achieve maturity through trashiness and not really all that shocking behavior (i.e., that MTV Awards kiss), Kylie maintained a low profile, retained a sense of class, and put together what may well be the best album of her career. Simply, Body Language is what happens when a dance-pop diva takes the high road and focuses on what's important instead of trying to shock herself into continued relevance.

Still Standing3:40
Secret (Take You Home)3:17
Sweet Music4:11
Red Blooded Woman4:22
I Feel For You4:20
Loving Days4:27
After Dark4:10
Original Release: 2003-01-01
Composer: Stefano Anselmetti, Curtis T. Bedeau, David Billing, Chris Braide, Dan Carey, Gerard Charles, Hugh Clarke, Cathy Dennis, Marius Devries, Johnny Douglas, Julian Gallagher, Brian P. George, Lucien J. George, Paul George, Lisa Greene, Mim Grey, Felix Howard,
Arranged By: Simon Hale
Producer: Baby Ash, Chris Braide, Cathy Dennis, Johnny Douglas, Electric J, Julian Gallagher, Kurtis Mantronik, Karen Poole, Rez, Richard Stannard, Sunnyroads
UPC: 724359795508, 724359575827, 724359564500