Let It Bleed
The Rolling Stones
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Label: Abkco
Duration: 42
Genre: Classic Rock

Someone walked off with my vinyl of this in the early seventies (I still remember who, if you read this Tony) and it wasn't the first Stones CD I had to buy when converting. When I did get and play it, from the opening of 'Gimme Shelter', I immediately saw what a gem I'd been missing. This is a transitional album, after Brian Jones had gone(he features on two tracks but only on percussion and Autoharp) but before Mick Taylor arrived (only features on Country Honk)

It's like the rest of the band have something to prove and Keith's lead vocal "You got the Silver" is brilliant - as featured in Zabriskie Point. A lot of keyboards, Nicky Hopkins, Leon Russel, possibly some of the last Ian Stewart and some rare Al Koooper. Keith does most of the guitars and the songwriting is some of their best. The weakest thing on here is 'Can't Always Get What You Want' which says much for the other tracks.

It's like when Ronnie Wood joined them they became a charicature of themselves - he was bought in as much for his bad boy image as his playing ability (a la Sid Viscious to the Pistols). This predates all of that and still has some innovative and delicate stuff, before everything became a bit musically formulaic. Even Country Honk sounds great & fresh. Maybe some of those Stones tribute bands should try including it in their repertoire as a medley with the more recognisable (and predictable)Honky Tonk Women.

Gimme Shelter4:35
Love In Vain4:22
Country Honk3:10
Live With Me3:36
Let It Bleed5:34
Midnight Rambler6:57
You Got The Silver2:54
Monkey Man4:15
You Can't Always Get W hat You Want
Original Release: 1969-03-01
Composer: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
Arranged By: Jack Nitzsche, Leon Russell
Producer: Jimmy Miller
UPC: 18771800422, 18771900429, 42284447324, 42288230328, 4988005456205, 18771900412