Castle of Crime
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Label: 4AD
Duration: 36:35
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie, Trip Hop

This CD is amazing! LAKUNA takes you on a wonderful journey with it's hypnotic beats! It has something for everyone. Tracks 1 through 5 build up to Track 6 "SO HAPPY" - which is the peak for this CD. The drums by DAVE NARCIZO are unbelievable on all songs but especially this one! Songs 7 and 8 are the icing on this cake! Track 8 "THE VERY NEXT DAY" is just beautiful! Track 2 "VEGA" is very gothic and haunting. BRAVO to this new artist! Everyone involved with the making of this CD is obviously extremely talented! I hope they continue to make this incredible music!

The Veil5:39
On the Floor
St. Paul's Piano4:50
So Happy4:37
Planet No. 34:42
The Very Next Day4:38
Original Release: 1999-09-07
Arranged By: David Narcizo, Frank Gardner
Producer: David Narcizo, Frank Gardner
UPC: 652637901023