Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra
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Label: Hannibal
Duration: 54:12
Genre: Jazz, Folk, Punk, World

I agree with the previous reviewer in that one should not be scared away by the term "Wedding Music" when referring to Bulgarian popular music. The popular music of Bulgaria flourished around weddings because that was one event the state government didn't control. Clubs were often shut down, so weddings became the premier venue in which to see the country's top performers. Those days are gone (thankfully) and the music is now beginning to make its way around the world. This music is an interesting mix of jazz, rock, and popular music from the entire Balkan region. This CD contains music from Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and the Rom people (gyspies.) It is utterly astounding to see what new levels these performers have taken these instruments to. You've never heard clarinets, accordians, and saxophones do things like this. Combine those three instruments with bass, drums and guitar and you've got an eclectic mix. The odd time signatures (9/8, 11/16, etc.), the rapid fire tempos they're capable of, and the bizarre key changes these guys are capable of will simply astound you. The female singer (only on 3 songs) has an ethereal voice that is typical of the fine tradition of Thracian singers. Not only are these amazing musicians with incredible imagination & skill...they know how to play fun music that will make you want to dance (it is wedding music after all!)
Highly recommended to the adventurous!

Mladeshki Dance (Turkish)6:17
Hristianova Kopanitsa 3:26
Istoria Na Edna Lyubov (Love Story)4:17
Ivo's Ruchenitsa9:42
Song For Baba Nedelya3:30
Ergenski Dance (Macedonian)3:36
Mominsko Horo8:48
Tziganska Ballada (Romanian Gypsy)5:24
Veseli Zborni (Marriage Song)4:19
Proleten Dance (Greek)2:38
Kasapsko Horo2:15
Original Release: 1991-01-01
Producer: Joe Boyd
UPC: 31257136327