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Label: Nonesuch
Duration: 1:06:08
Genre: Jazz

In the afterglow of his 60th birthday in 1997, Nonesuch Records delivered Steve Reich and his listeners an immense gift, this 10-CD retrospective of his work for the label, extending from his earliest tape-manipulation pieces to his most recent compositions utilizing samplers and the video artistry of Beryl Korot. Aside from the ear's liquid sense-making when it hears the dense and limber marimbas of Reich's "Six Marimbas" or his taut, dizzying "Piano Phase", there is a physical response almost inevitable in Reich's music. It stuns and holds you. And he knows it. "It's Gonna Rain" struck an early chord of inventiveness, featuring an African American Pentecostal preacher's sermon and eventually spinning the title phrase into a jangling repetition of single words. Percussion works abound here: "Clapping" and "Drumming" stun with their deceptive similarity and warm clarity. Perennial favorite "Piano Phase" features pianists Nurit Tilles and Eduard Neumann synched up on two pianos and careening at full tilt in unison before their four hands fall out of time and phrase with each other, only to realign in a powerful swooping demonstration of energy and focus. The latter CDs hold abundant delights, many revealing Reich's late-discovered spiritualism and Judaica: "Different Trains"' examination of the Holocaust; "Tehillim"'s shimmering Hebrew texts sung with fascinating choral power; "Proverb"'s invocation of Perotin. Closing the set are recent pieces: "Nagoya Marimbas", and the sampler-rich "City Life" and "The Cave". "--Andrew Bartlett"

When We Were Free5:39
Take Me There3:39
Seven Days4:04
Dismantling Utopia6:52
Double Blind4:15
Second Thought2:50
Language Of Time7:33
Sometimes I See6:01
As I Am5:04
Original Release: 1996-01-01
Producer: Pat Metheny
UPC: 75597945126