Among My Swan
Mazzy Star
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Label: Capitol
Duration: 54:00
Genre: Alternative

This group and their music is so much more than just lyrics and instruments. It creates feelings and images in your mind, especially some of the songs on this album, they create a dream like state where things can become surreal, almost like a whisper. I have always enjoyed writing, but sometimes its hard to get into the needed mood. Often times music can only be a distraction, but this music creates images in the mind and creates scenes of imagination. Characters can begin speaking to you on a weird level, all because of a trance-like state that this soft music can cause. I am truly appreciative to Mazzy Star for their work, the beauty that they create. -Allen Darrah

Flowers in December
Rhymes of an Hour
Cry, Cry3:58
Take Everything4:53
Still Cold4:48
All Your Sisters5:16
I've Been Let Down3:17
Look On Down From the Bridge
Original Release: 1996-01-01
Composer: David Roback, Hope Sandoval
Producer: David Roback
UPC: 724382722427