Industrial Revolution - Second edition
Various Artists

Label: Cleopatra
Duration: 1:56:15
Genre: Industrial

As a genre, industrial has come to mean a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from the recordings of metal pipes being struck together to the smooth synthesis of Electronic Body Music. Those genres, in turn, have had their own offshoots, as each of the strands grew into their post-industrial forms. Even in the mid-'90s, creating a definitive compilation would be a challenging undertaking at best. Cleopatra has managed this feat on this double CD release. Possibly every strain of industrial, covering definitive acts from different perspectives, has been represented on Industrial Revolution: Second Edition. Many of the usual suspects can be found here, but even these tracks are usually interesting variants -- Einstürzende Neubauten would be essential on any industrial retrospective, but the version of "Feurio!" is much smoother than the original from Haus der Luege. Kraftwerk's contribution is not a remix, but is pleasantly not the expected -- "Metal on Metal" has finally usurped "We Are the Robots." These tracks sit alongside other foundation favorites by other masters (Skinny Puppy's "Dig It") and ancestors (Brian Eno) of the genre. Seminal tracks by a wide range of the next wave are also included. Electro acts Front Line Assembly and Leather Strip are featured -- both of which may not have existed without Kraftwerk's clinical contribution to electronica, but themselves as important in informing electro-industrial. Guitar-electro acts are not forgotten, with contributions from Penal Colony and Chem Lab. The inclusion of acts that are not strictly industrial in a musical sense but have had great influence on the genre, such as the smooth acid electronica of Psychic TV, extend the diversity. The result is a musical map that plots different access points to the genre, and makes a good attempt at documenting some musical history. Industrial Revolution: Second Edition presents an interesting range of tracks, from a range of artists whowould otherwise have never appeared on a compilation together, but are equally important to the formation of the genre. For anyone interested in this family of musical styles, this compilation is a must.

Feurio! [Remix]4:49
Winnebago induced tapeworm [Remix]4:57
Mr. 444:37
Dig it7:25
Succumber [Remix]4:58
Desert Storm [Remix]4:03
Codeine, glue and you4:46
Third Uncle4:49
Death to censorship4:51
In penetration3:31
Figure Q-423:12
Mindphazer (Single Mix)4:27
Reconciled (Remix)7:04
United '946:00
Friendly Facism5:02
Walking In The Sky4:36
Gubert Einer Nation4:20
In And Out (Remix)5:46
Metal On Metal3:19
The Legacy4:10
Original Release: 1994-01-01
Composer: Various Artists
Arranged By: Matt Green, Susan King